Moss Walls Interior Decoration Ideas

By | April 7, 2021

Connecting with nature is innate to humans, which necessitates people to decorate the walls of their homes with moss. This brilliant biophilic design is currently on the rise as more people continue taking to live walls. Live walls not only help in noise reduction but also help in your mental wellness by restoring your attention and focus.

Why Should You Adopt Moss Walls Interior

Living walls are made up of real living plants complete with soil water or substrate. Living wall has a high aesthetic value, and while most companies offering living walls don’t recommend them for food, many people use the walls for food especially the herbs. Many homeowners choose herb for decoration, especially on their gardens which are part of their healthy food source.

Why Do People Prefer Moss Walls

Most people prefer live moss walls in their living room since they can’t feed on it. It’s also light in weight, meaning that its weight can’t overwhelm your walls. Expert live wall interior designers will advise you on the best choice when it comes to living moss walls. Large space is usually a factor to consider ensuring it remains undisturbed. Should you lack enough space to handle a live wall, you can always take the ported plants option. 


When it comes to having living moss walls in your house, you need to plan well. Moss walls bring you close to nature, helping you tap from your innate nature connection. However, it would be best if you got an expert to do it for you for the best results.

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